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... VOLVO, FORD, HYUNDAI, CAMC. Also JSC Klintsy mobile cranes plant produce and sells crawler cranes KLINTSY with lattice and telescopic booms with load-lifting capacities 36, 40 and 50 tons. All cranes could be supplied with different additional equipment like jibs, tower equipment, clamshells, vibration and pile-driving equipment. Россия, 243140, Брянская обл., Клинцы, Дзержинского Dzerzhinskogo, ...

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... ounded in 2002.Our company is a high technology product manufacturer specializing in Set-Top-Box( DVB-T2, DVB-T2+OTT, DVB-S2, DVB S2+T2)and Android IPTV box . With the integrated production lines, we could easily meet your order requirements. Owning rich experience of R & D team .We have our brand AZMAX, LGR both domestic&overseas market ,the customized and OEM/ODM service would be welcomed. Our c ...

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... MZKT (VOLAT), VOLVO, SCANIA, FORD, CAMC, HYUNDAI, FAUN. Also Kudesnik, Ltd. sells crawler cranes KLINTSY with lattice and telescopic booms with load-lifting capacities 36, 40 and 50 tons. All cranes could be supplied with different additional equipment. Kudesnik, Ltd. has the biggest service net in Russia and CIS countries. Россия, 109028, Москва, Хохловский переулок д.16. Стр.1 Khokhlovsky lan ...

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Митол Адгезив

... ую политику. MITOL, with wide range of products and over 60 years of tradition, ranges with most important European producers of adhesives. When first adhesive was developed in the early fifties we could not even think what this would mean for MITOL and its further development. Following the new technologies and customers` needs the programme of adhesives has grown wider and wider and soon comp ...

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... ilation, humidity-level reduction and home-temperature increase. SOLAR FOX is a unique innovative product on Russian market. It helps you save money on electricity bill. This air solar collector unit could be installed in private houses, country houses as well as service and industrial buildings. Brands: SOLAR FOX. ...

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... ystem design, system integration, technical training, and operation consulting. The products of AVIT that include head-end equipments, value-added software system and terminal products (STB and IDTV) could building up a complete DVB system. DVB headend equipments include Satellite Program Receiver, Encoder, Multiplexer, Scrambler, QAM Modulator, Network Adapter and Element Management System. These ...

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... 15,000m2 factory is equipped with 15 SMT/4 DIP and 10 assembling lines. Over 500 skilled workers turn out 20,000 units of receivers every day. More than 50 engineers. including hardware and software, could cooperate with customers to ensure our products made according to their unique requirements. We have very strict quality control procedure and each unit will pass rigorous shock, drop, vibration ...

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... e rollers, etc. We produce PCRs/DRsusing our own production line to guarantee the quality equivalent to OEM products. After many years of our endeavors, our products have been proved reliable and could meet different customers requirements. Thanks to our flexibility we can supply semi-finished toner cartridges/drum IN ANY DEGREE OF FABRICATION that a customer can desire. We also supply diff ...

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... From wire rope hoists to personnel and material rack and pinion elevators with load capacities up to 3.7 tonnes and lifting heights up to 400 m - the GEDA product range could not be broader in its scope. There are three locations in Germany and international branches in Moscow, the USA, Turkey, Korea and an international established dealer network. Representative in ...

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... ranch of Yancheng H&M Pressure Valve Co.,Ltd We have very good experience on ANSI/ASME/DIN STD valves which are including Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Swing Check Valve, Ball Valve, and strainers etc. We could supply Carbon steel and Stainless steel valves. We always insist to supply our customers the best quality, more competitive price and on time delivery. ...

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